"Far beyond the bountiful Allo,
and westward of Glen Celsian
      of the stately trees,
in a fair land of great prosperity,
it is the the domain of the
      noble MacAuliffe"

O'Heeran, Irish poet,  c.1400
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Who are the MacAuliffes and where was their 'land of great prosperity?      In the tradition of my ancestors I
      invite you to make yourself comfortable and listen
                          to some Irish music while I tell you their
background tune  is 'Carrigfergus'
This and most other midi tunes on this site were sequenced by Barry Taylor
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Ancient Beginnings Origins of Gaelic culture
Origins of the Clan Descent from Desmond kings
MacAuliffe Lands Clan lands of Clanawley
MacAuliffe Castles Ancient fortresses now gone
A Warrior Clan Battles involving the MacAuliffes
Clan Battles Resisting the invaders
Loss of Lands Confiscation and skulduggery
MacAuliffe in Exile Exodus from Erin
In Foreign Service MacAuliffes in European armies
MacAuliffe Regiment In service of Spain
The Coat of Arms Origin and description
Historic Records Various historic references
An Gorta Mor The Great Famine
MacAuliffe Diaspora The MacAuliffes are scattered
Timeline Important events in clan history
Famous MacAuliffes The McAuliffe Hall of Fame
Roll of Honour To those who died doing their duty
The Clan Today A Renaissance for the Clann
Clan Rally Gathering of the Clan
The Ancient Legends Clan Legends in story and poem

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*McAwly and McAuly can also be variants of MacAuley, a different Irish sept.
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