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A chronology of events relating to McAuliffe history from the clann's beginnings to the present day.
1200 A.D Approximate year of birth of Auliffe Alain MacCarthy, from whom all the McAuliffes are said to be descended, and from whom the clan is said  to take its name.
1300 A.D Approximate time in history. Pressure from the Normans and attacks by the O'Briens forces tribes from Tipperary to move to Cork. The McAuliffes accompany their parent clan, the MacCarthys.
1398 A.D A.D.1398 Amhlaoibh Bodhar, MacAmhlaoibh Eala, was killed at Claonglais, as he was going to the house of James, Earl of Desmond.
1400 A.D
Records from this time show the McAuliffe clan to be well established in northwest Cork.
1535 Annals record that McAuliffes "won a great battle with Fitzgerald, FitzGibbon and Sheehy (McSheehy)".
1579 Desmond Rebellion. McAuliffes join the Earl of Desmond in rebellion against English rule.
1580 Clanawley attacked by English forces assisted by Butlers under Earl of Ormond. Massive destruction and loss of life.
1583 Desmond Rebellion ends. McAuliffes and others make peace with Ormond.
McAuliffe Chieftain's son and nephew kill each other in a duel.

1585 Pardon granted to Melaghlin McAwly (Malachy MacAuliffe), his wife and daughter.
1593 Land confiscated from McAuliffes is sold to Patrick Graunt, who sells it back to the McAuliffes. By accepting the deed the McAuliffes were submitting to the English feudal system of land tenure.
1600 Hugh O'Neill, Earl of Tyrone, raises revolt against English rule and is joined by McAuliffes and other Munster clans.
Clanawley is again laid waste by English forces and many are killed.

1601 Battle of Kinsale. Spanish force lands at Kinsale - joined by Irish rebels, including McAuliffes.
1602 Dermot McAuliffe, son of chieftain, killed in rebellion.
Bail granted for John MacAuliffe, the chieftain's son; shortly afterward he left Ireland to serve in the Spanish army.
December 31st. O'Sullivan Bere, with a thousand of his followers, set out on the memorable march to County Leitrim. Tradition has it that they passed through Clanawley, where they were hospitably received.
1606 John McAuliffe listed among 'gentleman pensioners' of Spanish Army. Others in Spanish service included a Dermot McAuliffe.
1610 Clanawley sold to Sir Thomas Roper of Castlemaine, after earlier being fraudulently granted to John Wakeman.
1612 James Fitz Nicholas Barry purchases Clanawley on behalf of McAuliffes.
1615 Enquiry into McAuliffe lands outlines the boundaries of their territory. Part of Clanawley is granted to Aldworth to be settled by "twenty families of English birth".
1620 Further grant of McAuliffe land made to Aldworth, including the town of Kilmacroghan: the name of the town soon afterward changed to Newmarket.
1634 Land dispute between McAuliffe and O'Keefe is resolved after the intervention of O'Callaghan of Clonmeen
1637 August.  Dermot MacAuliffe, chieftain of the clan, died owning half of Clanawley, including the Castlemacauliffe section, as shown by an inquiry of 1638.
1641 MacAuliffe - owned lands had been reduced to three scattered holdings. Florence McAuliffe, chieftain, is outlawed by the English. He is considered to be the last true chieftain of the clan, for while there were chieftains after him, they were chieftains in name only, for they no longer had land to rule over.
1647 McAuliffes join Battle of Knocknanuss. The Irish are heavily defeated by Cromwell's forces.
1660 The Downe Survey is completed; map shows sketch of Castle MacAuliffe.
1665 The McAuliffes help the Earl of Desmond in an ill-fated battle with the Butlers.
1666 The last of the McAuliffe lands are confiscated and split up.
1690 The Irish defenders at the Siege of Cork by William of Orange are commanded by Major Dermot McAulife.
John MacAuliffe of Castlemacauliffe, the reigning chieftain, but now only a tenant on the confiscated lands, is outlawed.

1691 Treaty of Limerick. McAuliffes are amongst those who choose exile on the Continent.
John McAuliffe, reigning chieftain,
leaves  for France with his family.
1702 The Irish Brigade in action. Two McAuliffes are amongst those mentioned in dispatches at Cremona.
1709 The McAuliffe Regiment is commissioned in the Spanish Army, under the command of Dermot McAuliffe.
The McAuliffe coat of arms is registered in Dublin.

1720 Michael McAuliffe dies in Spain, a Colonel in the Spanish Army. He is said by some to have been the last chieftain of the clan.
1840 A weighmaster named McAuliffe living in Kenmare was said to be the last head of the family.
1845 The Irish potato crop is attacked by blight; beginning of the Great Famine and large-scale emigration. McAuliffes are scattered to many parts of the world, including England, the Unites States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
1991 Driven by an organising committee, a gathering of McAuliffes is held in Newmarket, once the hub of Clanawley.
Publication of booklet "The McAuliffes of Clanawley" by D. H. Allen.
1996 Another Rally or gathering of the clan is held in Newmarket.
2000 Rally held in Newmarket
2004 Rally held in Newmarket
2007 Collaboration between Rally Committee and existing McAuliffe history site to promote the planned 2008 rally via the internet.
2008 Rally held in Newmarket on 18, 19, 20 July. Committee to be formed to look at future of clann.
2010 Dates confirmed for Clan Gathering planned in Newmarket, County Cork on 20-22 July 2012.
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"This country of ours is no sand-bank thrown up by some caprice of earth. It is an ancient land, honoured in the archives of civilization , traceable into antiquity by its piety, its valour, and its sufferings. Every great European race has sent its stream to the river of the Irish mind. "
Thomas Davis
The lyrics to "Danny Boy" were allegedly written by an English barrister named Fred Weatherly, while he was riding on a commuter train.
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