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McAuliffe History Links

Links to pages that contain historic references to MacAuliffes.

McAuliffe Homepages

Family homepages that feature the lives, activities and interests of McAuliffe families and individuals around the world. See also Family Genealogy Pages. If you have a McAuliffe family or clann-oriented site that you would like featured here send please send details to the webmaster.

McAuliffe Arts and Crafts Pages

Featuring the work of McAuliffe artists, craftspeople and musicians.

McAuliffe Professional and Business Pages

These links go to the pages of McAuliffes who offer professional or business services. Sites can be listed here on request - e-mail the webmaster.

Irish History Links

Sites that feature aspects of Irish History, especially those aspects that are relevent to McAuliffe history.

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Ireland - its land and people

Sites that feature Irish culture and traditions as well as its landscape.

Irish Music Links

Ireland would not be Ireland without its music, so an Irish clann page would not be complete if it didn't have some Irish music somwhere. These links feature pages about Irish music and some have downloadable midi, mp3 etc.

Irish Travel Links

Links to sites featuring some great places to visit in Ireland and some travel services.

This list will be added to as time permits. If you have found a good website that is not listed here please let the webmaster know so that it can be included.

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