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Details of the last changes, updates and additions to the site with direct links so that you can view the changes.
20 May 2011 Site Uploaded re-designed pages
15 May 2011 Leon McAuliffe Changed video link.
9 May 2011 Clann Legends Renovated
9 May 2011 Photo Gallery Repaired links.
2 May 2011 Homepage Design changes. Reconfigured menu.
22 April 2011


Re-designed and reactivated.
21 April 2011 Sitemap Updated the Sitemap.
20 April 2011 McAuliffe Genealogy Redesigned and revised main page
12 April 2011 Social Networks Updated Facebook links
5 April 2011 McAuliffe Discussion Forum Created new page with embedded forum
5 April 2011 Message Board Tidied up the Message Board
4 April 2010 Rally News Page Re-designed this page
Webmaster's Notes
20 May 2011.I'm now completing the uploading of re-designed pages I've been working on. The site will now have a new look so I hope people like the changes. Some 'tidying up' will continue for a while until the makeover is complete.

2 May 2011. I'm still working on upgrading the pages so my apologies to anyone who might be confused about changing page colours, etc. It's taking a little while to complete but I'm continuing to work on it. I've reconfigured the navigation menu on the homepage and I'll keep the changed appearance to just that page for a few days while I fix any problems that might appear. When it's working well I'll move it to other pages.

22 April 2011. The task of getting all of the site's scattered sections onto the one site is now over and the focus in the past few months has been on integrating the various parts of the site into a cohesive whole. I think that is now working but there is still much to be done. I recently decided to change the background colour of the pages and I designed a new version of the site logo. That's turned into a major exercise in itself because I have to physically make the changes in each page. Once that completed I can return to ensuring that the content is kept up-to-date. Updating, of course, is a never-ending exercise, with new information continually being found.

Older. I had good feedback from people about the improved navigation menu with any page being easily accessible from any other page. It's still worth looking at the Site Map to get an impression of the overall scale of the site. I've also updated the sitemap so it remains a good alternative tool for navigating the site.

With the next Clan Gathering coming up in July 2012 a focus of this site will be keeping people up-to-date with news about the arrangements, etc. More work has been put into providing information about travel and accommodation in Ireland and a page in the Rally section has been re-designed for that purpose. A new Facebook group has been started for those intending to be at the rally. If that's you you can join the group here. There's also The MacAuliffe Site Supporters group on Facebook which can be found here. In addition to that there is the newly refurbished Discussion Forum where you can talk about anything to do with the McAuliffes and the also newly refurbished Blog where I as the webmaster have my say about a number of matters and you have the opportunity to comment. There is also the well-established Message Board which has become a place primarily for family history enquiries.

In the months ahead I intend to continue to improve the site and to add new features as appropriate. I am aware from the e-mails I receive and the enquiries made on the Message Board that there is a need for more help with family history enquiries. With that in mind I hope to gradually improve the Genealogy section, with the dream of one day having a database that people can log into to find their family connections. That's still very much a dream and if there's anyone out there with the skills and a willingness to help I'd love to hear from that person..

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